R.I.P., Nacho Córdova

Nacho Córdova

It is with a heavy heart that I write of the passing of my friend, colleague, and mentor, Nathaniel I. Córdova, who most of us knew as Nacho. A beloved teacher and gifted scholar, Nacho was an associate professor and chair of rhetoric and media studies at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. In addition to being an academic, Nacho was a skilled photographer (both iPhoneography and more conventional dSLR work), a devoted partner, and a loving father.  I’m still pretty shocked to hear this news and remain speechless, so I’ll keep this post fairly brief…. Continue reading “R.I.P., Nacho Córdova”

Announcement: #NCA11 Precon on Social Movements and Counterpublics

At the upcoming National Communication Association Convention in New Orleans in November, I’ll be part of a preconference on social movements and counterpublics. Called “Voicing Connections, Contradictions, and Possibilities in Social Movement and Counterpublic Theories,” the day-long precon (which take place on the Wednesday before the main convention) will engage the possibilities and potentials of social movement and counterpublics theories — pushing the boundaries of what each has to offer communication scholars interested in exploring dissenting, transgressive, and resistive public “voice.” Read on to see what all this shall entail.

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The New Palante Is Out (and Why You Should Care)

Perhaps I order too many books, which Is probably an occupational hazard for folks in my line of work. As such, I often don’t pay close attention to emails with the subject line “Your Amazon.com order has shipped.” Today, I’m glad that I looked because my copy of Palante: Voices and Photographs of the Young Lords, 1969-1971 is on its way. This re-release and re-naming of the 1971 Palante: Young Lords Party, which has been out of print for a long time, adds an introduction by Iris Morales, filmmaker and Young Lord, and promises to be a great addition to the resources available on the organization. So why should you care? Here are a couple of reasons.  Continue reading “The New Palante Is Out (and Why You Should Care)”

Why I Don’t Mind That My Book Is On Scribd

As part of my daily web searching routine intended to stay abreast of any contemporary conversations about the Young Lords (my long-term research project that I’m trying to wrap up), I ran across a tweet referencing my last book, [amazon_link id=”0814722423″ target=”_blank” ]The Young Lords: A Reader[/amazon_link]. The tweet indicated that the person was perusing the Reader on Scribd. Is that illegal? Probably, but here’s why I don’t really care.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Mind That My Book Is On Scribd”