Decolonizing Rhetorical Studies: A Discussion About The New York Young Lords and the Struggle for Liberation at NCA

On Saturday, November 18, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., there will be a panel discussion about The New York Young Lords and the Struggle for Liberation at the National Communication Association’s annual convention. Sponsored by the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, the panel features three critical engagements of the book by a diverse group of scholars in rhetorical studies, and will be followed by a response from me.

Organized by Heather Ashley Hayes (Whitman College), the discussants include Lisa Flores (University of Colorado, Boulder), Kent Ono (University of Utah), and Vincent Pham (Willamette University).

If you’re interested in attending, the panel will be located in the Dallas Marriott City Center in Plaza Ballroom A (Third Floor). One day earlier (on Friday), I’ll be receiving my Book of the Year Award from the Critical/Cultural Studies Division for this book. If you can’t make the session but want to meet me, my schedule for NCA makes me pretty easy to track down.

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