Another Review of my Young Lords Book

The most recent issue of Rhetoric and Public Affairs has a review my book on the Young Lords written by J. David Cisneros, an associate professor at the University of Illinois. Cisneros says that the book “provides a theoretically rich and thoughtful set of challenges to rhetorical studies and critical theory that are worth serious consideration,” adding that it “represents the fullest and most skillful work to date bringing together de/coloniality theory and rhetorical studies.” He concludes the review like this:

Wanzer-Serrano’s book is not only meticulously researched and elegantly written, it is theoretically and critically challenging. In addition to a richly documented rhetorical history, The New York Young Lords makes an important contribution to rhetorical studies and critical theory. It adds important specificity, nuance, and critical detail to the growing body of work on de/coloniality theory; provides rhetorical resources to develop decolonial sensibilities and practices; and highlights the overarching importance of issues of coloniality and the geo- body-politics of knowledge production to our scholarship. Its impact will be long felt across these diverse fields.

I appreciate greatly such high praise from a scholar whose own book, The Border Crossed Us, was quite an achievement for Latina/o/x rhetorical studies. The full review can be found here:

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