#RhetoricSoWhite QJS Forum

For several years, scholars in rhetorical studies specifically and communication studies more broadly have been critical of the ways in which the field(s) functions in ways that exclude scholars of color. In 2018, Chakravartty et. al. published “#CommunicationSoWhite” in the Journal of Communication — a piece that offered a clarion call about the whiteness of the broader field and provided data to demonstrate how communication’s exclusionary practices worked out in the publication pipeline.

Last week, a special forum in the Quarterly Journal of Speech went live. Edited by me and called #RhetoricSoWhite, the forum includes an extended introduction by me (image below) called “Rhetoric’s Rac(e/ist) Problems,” which is freely available to anyone with an internet connection. The rest of the entries — by Stacey Sowards, Vincent Pham, Godfried Asante, and Tiara Na’puti — fill out the forum with target engagements that speak across multiple axes of minoritization. We finish the forum with a plática about the recent controversies in the National Communication Association around its practices of selecting “distinguished scholars.”

Check it out and feel free to share broadly.

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