Long Break, Good Reasons

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted on this site. I swear I’ve got good reasons. Shortly after my last post, Nicole (my spouse) got admitted to the hospital with something scary called HELLP Syndrome. Basically, HELLP is something that puts a pregnancy and the mother at grave risk. That was Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. By the weekend, we were feeling optimistic that she “merely” had a long stint of inpatient bedrest ahead of her. In the wee hours of Sunday, May 15th, HELLP came back with a vengeance. At 7:38am, our son, Carlos Jesús (CJ) was delivered via emergency C-section.

CJ was 24-weeks gestation. He weighed 435 grams — a mere 15oz. He was about 10 inches long. H couldn’t breathe without mechanical ventilation, oxygen, and more. He’d lose more weight in his first 10 days, before slowly growing and fighting off everything that was thrown at him. We’ve catalogued his journey on a public Facebook page, which is most easily reached at http://youngscrappyandhungry.com (yes, I’m a Hamilton fan).

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Tenure Earned

It seems like it took forever, but it’s finally official: I have earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at the University of Iowa.

Tenure & Promotion

Feels good. 🙂

Mid-(Academic)-Year Update

Clearly, I’m the world’s worst blogger. To even call myself a “blogger” is probably a misnomer because it would suggest *some* degree of regularity … which just doesn’t exist. I think part of the problem/difficulty for me is a reality of the tenure track, and another part has to do with the reality of my non-academic life.

Being on the tenure track, the last year of my life has been consumed by my book project (for which I should receive reader reports any day, now) … and it hasn’t helped that I also served as planner for the largest division in the National Communication Association. To those on the tenure-track who still find time to blog, micro-blog, or whatever in an active and productive way, my hat is off to you! I just don’t know how someone can find time to prepare classes, grade, teach, research, write, present, do service, etc. — not to mention have a life outside of work — and STILL manage to have a vibrant and productive online presence. I hope to start blogging a bit more on the topic of professionalization (especially as it relates to Latin@s and other peoples of color in the academy) once my book stuff gets nailed down; but until then, I’ll probably remain mostly silent.

Also in the last year, I’ve been busy helping to plan a wedding, long distance, with my (now) wife, Nicole Wanzer-Serrano. We tied the knot on December 28th in Dallas! 🙂



Needless to say, between doing “the long distance thing” and doing the necessary things to keep a tenure-track job at a research intensive university, it can be hard to find the time to get up here and post things about research, teaching, and life. That said, I’m going to work real hard to make it up here at least once a month and post some thoughts on something — ANYTHING — to try to form a habit.